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© 2009
Daniel Mauer
and Mike Tutaj

Introducing Cat-O-Matic, the perfect way to cause your pets to go totally nuts for your amusement!

Your iPhone can do a lot of things. It can give you access to all the information on the entire world wide web. It can show you how to get to the nearest coffee shop. It can figure out what songs you like. It can even teach you math.

But can it drive your pets completely bonkers, wacko, cuckoo-bananas, looney-bin INSANE with the click of a button? Well, NOW IT CAN!

Just fire up Cat-O-Matic, push the "Randomize" button, and hide your iPhone or iPod Touch somewhere. Every 5-20 seconds, it will play a perfectly reproduced sound of a cat meowing, purring, hissing or making another weird sounds cats make. And it'll play it with what we call "ConfuseCat Technology" -- which makes it very hard for real cats or dogs to figure out where the heck that sound is coming from. If you'd rather control the action yourself, you can play any of the more than 30 unique sounds manually, using a friendly (and amusing) interface.

You won't believe how your pets react. It's hilarious. Works great on cats and dogs. Don't know whether it works great on guinea pigs, iguanas, sloths, elephants or fish. Probably not fish.

If you have more than one pet, our tests - which were conducted with the use of SCIENCE! - have shown that they start to blame one another for the unexplained noises. This is hilarious.

Cat-O-Matic is NOT intended to aid in the willful disruption of classrooms. It's possibly intended to aid in the disruption of dinner, however... But we didn't tell you that.

However you want to use it, Cat-O-Matic will be the best almost-a-buck you've ever spent in the App Store. It's less expensive than a large automobile, and more useful than a frozen burrito. You can't go wrong!

Cat-O-Matic: Hilarity Ensues.

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